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All The Holiday Light Displays To See In The U.S.

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The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a bevvy of traditions that you have probably been waiting for all year. Especially in 2020, we're all looking for an excuse to find some cheer and merriment. With fireplaces being lit, hot chocolates being brewed, and presents being wrapped, it's time to partake in another beloved holiday tradition: going out and looking at Christmas lights. Pour your spiced wine or hot chocolate into a thermos, put on your favorite mittens, and head outside to see some of the most impressive Christmas displays and light spectaculars in your state. 

While piling into your car and taking a drive through a nearby neighborhood is always a lovely option, there are also light displays on a more mammoth scale if you and your family want to take it up a notch. From California to Delaware, there is a magical light display near you. But seeing how 2020 is in the midst of a pandemic, these annual light displays have been modified to uphold social distancing guidelines, ensuring you and your loved ones stay safe while enjoying the merriment. Scroll down and see some of the most amazing holiday light displays in the country, and plan your next trip!