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What To Do With The Things Your Grandkids Don't Actually Want

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My parents were born in 1934 — right at the tail end of the depression, on the brink of World War II. Things were scarce, and they saved and reused everything from bottles to buttons. They threw away very little. Things were not so easy to come by, and they might have a use for them in the future. While some of their generation might have overcome this compulsion to save everything, my parents did not! People like them used to be called "collectors," and while they weren't quite "hoarders," they were walking a fine line.

My parents kept lots of things from my childhood: toys, books, trinkets, art projects, report cards, and just about anything else you can think of. Plus, they kept similar items from their own childhoods, and whatever was left from their parents as well. Unfortunately (?), I learned from them, and now I also have toys, books, etc., from my own kids.

But, my kids are a different generation. They don't look at things this way, and, in fact, they love the whole declutter movement headed up by Marie Kondo.

So, now the question is what to do with all the accumulation of stuff everyone has been saving to pass on to them. Here are some ideas for what to do with all these items.